Learn all about the portalhedron, which was built by Steve Sky, and is located in the Southern California foothills, a beautiful daytrip from Los Angeles or San Diego.

  • The Portalhedron is a crystal pyramid that actively
    generates a chi enhancing field through Sacred Geometry, Laser Light, Sound and more…
  • Blends modern technology with esoteric healing wisdom.
  • Harmonizes the human energy field.
  • Opens or widens the portal that connects us with Spirit.
  • Clears and energizes the surrounding area.
  • Is a beautiful work of art.

The Portalhedron utilizes Sacred Geometry that is in alignment with nature and the flow of creation. Sacred Geometric structures act as attractors and concentrators of life force energy sometimes known as Chi or Ki. The structures in the Portalhedron are specifically aligned with the human energy field in a way that promotes balance. The main form consists of 2 large overlapping tetrahedrons. These form a 6 pointed star symbolizing the heart chakra and the merging of Spirit with matter. The main pyramid structure was first constructed by Gregory Hoag of Metaforms over 30 years ago. The crown pieces are also Metaforms’ creations.

Hanging in the top is a stellated dodecahedron, which has 12 five sided faces and points. 12 is an octave of the six sided main structure and 5 is the number of humanity. The crown is based on a toroid of tetrahedrons that seeds a flower of life pattern throughout the form. All of these things operate together in harmony multiplying the power of the system.

The Portalhedron Resonance

The Portalhedron harmonizes the human energy field through resonance. This happens through three energetic modalities. The first is by directly resonating with the auric field through the crystal transducers.

The energy from the crystal transducers can be directly assimilated by the auric field. This balances and literally energizes the auric field. The frequencies sent through the crystals are derived from meticulous recordings of Tibetan singing bowls. These frequencies work in unison with the surround sound music and create the effect of a group of sound healers circled around you playing the music both audibly and energetically.

The Portalhedron Sound

Secondly, there is quadraphonic surround sound as well. This employs the principals of resonance through sound healing.

The main sound program for the Portalhedron uses Tibetan singing bowls that have been recorded with multiple microphones for each bowl and then composed in an original musical composition. Tibetan bowls have been used as healing tools for thousands of years.

The Portalhedron extends the reach of this wisdom into the electromagnetic field in addition to audible sound. This musical piece is arranged so that the notes are chakra balanced all throughout the hour long composition. The quadraphonic sound gives the experience of sitting in the center of a circle of sound healers playing the Tibetan singing bowls.

The Plasma Ray Tube

Thirdly, the plasma ray tube in the crown of the Portalhedron sends waves of energy from the crown through the entire structure and out in all directions. This is a modern day adaptation of the technology pioneered by Royal Rife in the early part of the 20th century. The soothing energy of the violet glowing orbs in the ray tube create a powerful multiplier for the whole system. Special frequency patterns are used that promote well being through DNA activation and rejuvenation.

We all have a connection to Spirit. This connection can be described in many ways and is experienced by each person in a unique way. A portal is way of describing this connection between the physical world and the Spirit worlds. The Portalhedron has helped many to open or widen that portal. Some have experienced this as clearer connection to their higher self, angels or spirit guides. No matter how you experience this connection, it will become stronger while you are in the Portalhedron.

The Portalhedron Surrounding Field

The energy of the Portalhedron is certainly strongest in the center of the pyramid yet the field generated emanates out in all directions. These emanations have a profound clearing and energizing affect on the surrounding area. The reach of the emanations increases over time. This field is especially good for clearing and energizing objects such as crystals and other stones, healing tools such as wands and massage stones and even jewelry. Items can be put in and around the Portalhedron when it is on to remove any negative energy.

What is the Portalhedron?

The Portalhedron is the blending of many systems, ideas and technologies. It is the culmination of a life’s work. It is a power tool for Spiritual healing.

Each of the systems has a multiplying beneficial effect on the other components. This becomes exponential with the large number of complimentary aspects at work. The synergistic effects are indeed powerful and sophisticated.


“When I sit in front of the Portalhedron, I observe that its geometries and beauty fills the room with a soft etheric glow. This glow is both peaceful and exciting. I notice that each person observing with me seems to have their own individual yet similar experience. When I chose to enter into the center of the Portalhedron and sit for awhile, I am put in touch, without doubt, with the next course of action I must take. Sitting there I also find a sense of comfort. It is as if I am in my true home. I am put in touch with my reason for this life’s mission.”

– Dr. Barbra Dillenger