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Metanoia Services is active in the community, both nationally and internationally, through its prayer group.  Started by Barbra Dillenger, Michael Makay and Dr. Benjo Masilungan in 2004, when Dr. Anthony Corso was critically injured in an automobile accident while vacationing in France.   Dr. Corso was in a coma for more than 2 months, underwent many surgeries, and died several times while in the hospital in France.  Today, he is one of the administrators of the Metanoia Prayer Group, and a living testament to its power and healing ability.

 Members of the Metanoia Prayer Group unite in prayers for the highest and best good for the individuals added to the prayer list each week. 

Our group focuses in on the dimensions of health and well being issues for people who are added to the prayer list each week.  (Other groups have been formed as an offshoot to send prayers for our animal friends or to focus on issues not pertaining to health and healing issues.)

If you would like to become a member of the Metanoia Prayer Group, please contact Meg McNeeley-Domingo through


“The power of the many people who form our prayer group goes straight to the spirit of God where love overcomes all obstacles.”