Metanoia Pendant


By wearing this magical pendant, you may awaken your inner wisdom, be nurtured by love and light.  You may find positive change come about in your life and transformation in your spirituality.   Old outdated and negative thoughts may no longer be present and a new paradigm may emerge and evolve.



Barbra Dillenger-Makay,  January 1933 – August 2017

We are now offering the beautiful Metanoia Pendant, which can be yours for only $75. 

As a special holiday promotion, if you buy 3 or more pendants the cost is $50.00 each.

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This custom sterling silver and gold-plate pendant was designed by Barbra Dillenger-Makay, MSC.D, founder of METANOIA SERVICES. When combined, the symbols in the design signify the awakening of inner wisdom. The circle is wholeness and completion, the triangle inspires creative expression, the nautilus shell being the physical representation of inner wisdom. In Greek, a transformative change of heart; especially a spiritual conversion is “Metanoia”.

Your purchase from Metanoia is greatly appreciated and will be used to continue the life work set out by Barbra Dillenger-Makay, our beloved founding director.


From the heart and spirit of Barbra: l hide “God is a mysterious ever-changing force playing a game of hide and seek, only to be found by open hearts”.



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