Metanoia Services.Org is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation created to advance human awareness and inner wisdom. Metanoia Services was formed to educate the general public about spiritual, metaphysical, transpersonal, psychological and physical health issues. We’re here to help facilitate the individual’s process of growth and to bring about change and transformation on all levels of spiritual attunement. Old outdated and negative thought forms are no longer present and a new paradigm can emerge and evolve.

We offer resources to help people better understand their life’s personal path and larger purpose. The individual learns to balance mind, body, and spirit, while developing a positive sense of self without ego centeredness, judgment or assumption. Our resources explore the mystery of the inner nature of humanity, with the goal of raising awareness and consciousness. Participants learn to move through challenges of the human experience with greater wisdom, grace and responsibility for their place in the global community.

Metanoia Services consists of professionally qualified and experienced teachers, speakers, facilitators, and international participants from all walks of life. We all welcome the opportunity to assist you move forward, opening up your life to greater love, creativity and joy in the world.

METANOIA SERVICES – Awakening Inner Wisdom
Founding Director: Barbra Dillenger, MscD.