A huge thank you to the Metanoia community…old and new for the wonderful turn-out for our first “A Taste of Metanoia” event held on Sunday in the lovely home of Susann Gabriel’s in Bonsall.  It was a gorgeous day to nurture your heart and soul!  It was a day filled with fascinating readings, great conversation, new connections and terrific food!
Many many thanks to all the readers/healers who donated their time and gifts and kept a very full schedule going: Michael Makay, Beatrex Quntanna, Bea Wragee, Meridith Llewelin, Mary Joy Neuru and Team, Jackee Earnest, Michelenne Crab, Mary Ellen Krut, Rosemary Blalock, Maria Yraceburu, Lynda Yraceburu, and Andrea Badger. We had a great turn-out!!! The support team also out did themselves with all the creativity, prep work and follow-through that made this such a successful day!  The support team consisted of Linda Laborde, Valery Alean, Mary Joy Neuru, Kathy Guy, Donna Dircz, Johannah and West Leffingwell, Shirley Michael, Serena Poisson, Meridith Llewelin, and Mimi Demirjian. Thanks to all of you for making sure everyone enjoyed their time in the Portalhedron as well as their readings–we received lots of positive feedback.  We encourage everyone to find the time for a full reading with all of our practioners.
I hope that everyone will avail themselves of the use of the Library and Portalhedron in the future and come back to enjoy the lovely property and say hello to the horses (they do love to be greeted!)  We are usually able to take appointments every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 10 and 2 and are often able to schedule week-end appointments when necessary.  Be sure to continue to check the website for follow up information and future events.
Special thanks to Barbra and Michael for inspiring us all and creating this community that we so treasure.  Lots of clapping to Susann Gabriel for allowing us the use of her property and home and for making the Portalhedron available to all of us and to Steve Sky for his amazing work and creation.
The following photos of the event are courtesy of Kaliani Devinne, Linda Yraceburu, Jackee Earnest, and Mary Joy Neuru.