Awakening Inner Wisdom

To turn toward the light...

God is a mysterious, ever changing force playing a game of hide and seek, only to be found through open hearts....

...upon being discovered, God hides an unseen part of itself again -- Barbra Dillenger


The future is dependent on what you do today

Focus on the beauty of simple things

Awakening Inner Wisdom... to turn toward the light...


Metanoia was formed to facilitate growth in spiritual, metaphysical, transpersonal, psychological and physical health …

Guidance for the Journey

Learn from Barbra Dillenger’s life’s work. Audio recordings are available in the Shop. Text versions are in the Blog.

The Metanoia Pendant

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Pearls of Wisdom for Today

A lie told long enough becomes a truth.... A truth ignored long enough disappears

Metanoia Founders

Barbra Dillenger and Michael Makay
Barbra is a transpersonal development counselor and teacher who has worked in the psychological and metaphysical arena since 1968. She was trained in both of these fields by some of the most outstanding leaders of our time. She holds a doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences, with a B.A. and M.A. in education and psychology. 

In 1981, Barbra was encouraged by Divine guidance to walk the beach in a prayerful and meditative state. During this time, she gathered visions and teachings left by the ancient masters. This material was called “To Walk with Kings”. The gathering of this ancient spiritual wisdom led to a series of groups which continue meeting to this day. These groups are structured after the Mystery Schools of old, and are co-facilitated by her husband, Michael Makay. Metanoia Services is the non-denominational, spiritually inspired extension of these groups into the broader based community of mankind.

Barbra Dillenger, as she is known professionally, is married to Michael Makay, and is also known to many of us as Barbra Makay.

Michael has his degrees in the Classics from Marquette University and four years of theology in the Jesuit Order. He has been teaching, counseling, and lecturing in the field of metaphysics for over 30 years. He specializes in Enerology (the energy behind numerology) and Tarot. He co-facilitates transpersonal groups with his wife Barbra Dillenger.